Welcome to Kai's Organic Hand Sanitizer


USDA Certified Organic Hand Sanitizer!

  • Extra strength hospital grade formulation approved for medical use
  • Kills germs on contact
  • Long lasting with lots of pumps of sanitizer per bottle. 1 oz has approximately 200 pumps per bottle, 2 oz has 400 pumps and 4 oz has 800 pumps
  • Fresh, calming lavender scent
  • Made with vegetable glycerin and natural essential oils (lavender scent) to moisturize your skin without being sticky or slippery

Comes packaged in a spray bottle with dust cap for rinse free hand cleaning.

We heard about a local hospital chain that was literally struggling to supply their doctors and nurses with hand sanitizer while fighting the coronavirus! Hand sanitizer is in such short supply that it is sold out even at major retail outlets like Amazon and WalMart. We wanted to help immediately when others couldn't. Our goal: Sanitize the maximum amount of hands possible everyday.